How to Aim Tundra Headlamps?

Answer Over time, the headlights on your Toyota Tundra can become misaligned through inadvertently turning the wrong screw during headlamp replacement, front end damage to the vehicle or generalized wear ... Read More »

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How to Aim Headlamps?

A correct headlamp alignment creates safe driving conditions for you and other drivers. If your vehicle's headlamps are out of horizontal alignment, you will either not be able to see the painted l... Read More »

How to Fix Car Headlamps?

Most modern cars and light trucks utilize sealed headlights that are mounted in headlight buckets in the front of the vehicle. In most cases, access to the headlight element can be gained by access... Read More »

About HID Headlamps?

High intensity discharge headlamps produce significantly more light than conventional tungsten or halogen bulbs. They were first introduced as an option on the BMW 7 series in 1991 and have become ... Read More »

The Advantages of LED Headlamps?

For most of automotive history, headlamps have been incandescent lights. This kind of lighting involves a current passing through a wire in a bulb, causing the wire to glow. Recently, automotive ma... Read More »