How to Agree With a Majority?

Answer Ever wanted to be on the winning side? This will guide you through agreeing with a majority. The steps are straightforward, and simple.

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How to Make Someone Agree to Something They Didn't Mean to Agree With?

Have you ever wanted to make a fool out of someone, or make them say something they didn't actually mean? Try this!

How to Be a Majority Stockholder?

When a corporation distributes shares of stock, it also distributes the ownership of the company to multiple shareholders. When one shareholder owns more stock than anyone else, he is known as the ... Read More »

The Advantages of Majority Rule?

Majority rule means most of the voters agree on the issue on which they are voting. A simple majority is 50 percent and one more. The founders of the U.S. government based the system on majority ru... Read More »

Why Do You Think The Majority Has Not Moved Over To Blu-rays Yet?

I think the major reason is that the majority of people still do not have HD TV's most people still have older TV's which will not accept HDMI cable, also you have to buy a blu ray player.