How to Age Your Baby Peacocks?

Answer Raising peacocks can be a rewarding hobby. Many consider peacocks the most beautiful of all peafowl. Male peacocks, called peacocks, are renowned for their elaborate plumage train which they use t... Read More »

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Do peacocks eat rattlesnakes?

Both peacocks and peahens eat a wide variety of food including plants and small animals. They also eat snakes. Peacocks will eat a rattlesnake. They are also able to indicate if a rattlesnake has e... Read More »

Do peacocks lay eggs?

Peacocks do not lay eggs, because they are the male version of the peafowl species. The peahen, which is the female version of the peafowl, does lay eggs. Baby peafowl are called peachicks.Source:L... Read More »

Types of Peacocks?

Peacocks are showy, flashy birds that are known for their large tail plumage, brightly colored heads and proud avian strut. From the pheasant family of birds, peacocks are the male version of the g... Read More »

Do peacocks migrate?

Peacocks, also called peafowls, are large birds native to Sri Lanka and India. Though they can run quickly and fly, they are not known to migrate at any time of year.References:Enchanted Learning: ... Read More »