How to Advocate for Animal Rights?

Answer Animals all over the world are in danger because of all different forms of animal cruelty. Marine/aquatic animals like dolphins and seals sometimes suffer from pollution, hunts, and accidental deat... Read More »

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What are your views regarding the use of seminude models in the animal advocate movement?

It's protesting the exploitation of one group of beings (animals) by exploiting another group (women). Inexcusable hypocrisy.Yes exploitative nude pictures get attention - from the dirty mac brigad... Read More »

Do you believe in animal rights ?

every one in the creation has the why not for the animals? thanks.

Why are you for animal rights?

Animals should be treated humanely. Just because they're not as rational as human beings are doesn't mean they should be maltreated.Well, we are given dominion over animals, but that doesn't mean w... Read More »

What to name my animal rights blog?

a hand for a paw (haha omg thats so lame and cheesy i dont even think it makes sense)the-way-of-the-animal , the-animal-movement , honor-the-animals, an-animals-moral, the-right-of-(the)-animals , ... Read More »