How to Advertise With Quality to Win Your Customers?

Answer How many times have you lost your customers to poor ad quality?Thanks to the Internet, today's consumers are much more educated and well versed in ad hype than they were just a few years ago. Your ... Read More »

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Local flooring contractor looking for effective ways to advertise to get flooring customers?

As I just found out the hard way - Minwax Polyshade is NOT RECOMMENDED for floors. My 'expert' at the hardware didn't mention this when he recommended it for my hardwood floors. The manufacturer ... Read More »

Telephone companies post rules customers cannot be"verbal" with their reps,why would customers act that way?

80% of the time they are very helpful and maybe 20% they are wonderful actually having rather long conversations with me if I am having a bad day and are almost like friends or counselors lol..seve... Read More »

Does HDMI cable quality makes any difference in picture quality?

Wow. Some truly uninformed answers here. First, when speaking of HDMI (or any digital cable for that matter), cable quality DOES NOT make a difference in picture quality. As long as a digital si... Read More »

My marriages cds have a poor quality video,so i want to make them in hd quality. is it possible how?

You could make a conversion to HD but the resulting image will be of no improvement. Not in the way you are hoping for anywayYou have the option of getting married again and recording in HD, but I ... Read More »