How to Adopt a New Lifestyle Using wikiHow Articles As a Guide?

Answer Need a new persona? For a play or for real life, this guide can lead you to be a new, and maybe improved, person.

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How to Use eHow for wikiHow Articles?

An eHow bannerIt may seem like no big thing to take an article from eHow and bring it on over to wikiHow (they are the same type of site, right?!), but it is. There is such a thing as copyright inf... Read More »

How to Patrol New Articles on wikiHow?

Any wikiHow editor can patrol new articles to ensure standards. This complements Recent Changes patrol, but examines each article more thoroughly. Here's how to proceed:

How to Test wikiHow Articles?

Because wikiHow is an instruction manual, there are various ways to check an article for accuracy. Usually the most accurate way is by doing a Google Search for the specific topic and read other ar... Read More »

How to Use PDFs in wikiHow Articles?

PDF(Portable Document Format) files are a very effective way of storing text and images in a format that ensures they print the same way regardless of the printer or computer you have. They can be ... Read More »