How to Adopt a Dog from a Breed Rescue?

Answer Shelties are just one of the over 200 purebred breeds that you can rescue!Choosing to adopt a dog from a Breed-specific Rescue can be rewarding, but there are some things to know. Follow the steps ... Read More »

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Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog?

Many people have a preconceived notion that the dogs that end up in shelters and with rescue organizations are undesirable. No one would get rid of a dog if it were loving and affectionate, right? ... Read More »

How to Find Out What Dog Breed to Adopt?

Certain breeds of dog are easier to care for and train than others. When preparing to adopt a dog, consider your lifestyle and the amount of time, energy and money you are willing to spend on your ... Read More »

How to Rescue a Dog from the Shelter?

Have you ever felt sorry for a dog at the shelter?Have you just looked looked at there sad little faces and have your heart just melt? Well, this is how you can save that poor soul's life.

How to Rescue a Cat From a Tree?

Cats are naturally curious animals. These pesky felines can become enthralled with a squirrel up a tree or a bird perching in its nest and attempt to make the animal its next meal. The cat will fol... Read More »