How to Administer an Estate?

Answer In most states, when a person dies without a will, an administrator must be named to settle all debts and final business matters of the deceased. The laws regarding how an administrator may be name... Read More »

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Can one sibling be selected to be executor of the estate even though all 5 children have been assigned as executors of the estate?

Generally there are only one or two Executors to a Will. Executor (male) or Executrix (female.) It is odd there should be five Executors. An Executor/Executrix has the right to decline to handle th... Read More »

Who can administer an hsa?

Many financial instiutions can administer health savings accounts (HSAs), including credit unions, banks and insurance companies. The individual must not be enrolled in Medicare and must be enrolle... Read More »

Can you administer first aid if I am not first aid trained?

You can perform first aid up to the level of a reasonable person. For example if you saw some one bleeding a reasonable person would cover the wound while they call 911.Calling 911, the dispatchers... Read More »

Can an LPN administer a flu shot?

Yes, LPN's may administer flu shots in most states, although procedural guidelines vary from state to state. New York, for example, requires that an RN assess the patient and remain on site for th... Read More »