How to Administer an Enema With a Bulb Syringe?

Answer There are many types of enemas and reasons to administer one. You will generally want to pick a time when you will not be disturbed for at least a half hour or more. The bulb syringe enema is gener... Read More »

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How to Administer an Enema?

Enema bagThere might be times that you will require taking an Enema such as preparation for certain medical tests, a colonoscopy or prior to surgery or as a treatment for constipation. There are al... Read More »

How to Suction a Baby's Nose With a Bulb Syringe?

Because infant cold medications are no longer recommended, the infant bulb syringe is now the best way to remove mucus from a baby's nose. Until a child can blow his own nose, a parent or caregiver... Read More »

How to Administer a Coffee Enema?

Administer a coffee enema to cleanse toxins out of your liver and gall bladder and empty your colon of feces. Your health may improve if you give yourself a coffee enema that helps you excrete toxi... Read More »

How to Use a Bulb Syringe?

Most people hear about using bulb syringes and they think of babies, but bulb syringes have a variety of other uses as well. You can use a bulb syringe to clean ears or to give enemas. It is import... Read More »