How to Adjust to School as a Transfer Student?

Answer There are many aspects to school that students may find difficult. Some students struggle academically. Others find hardships at school with social or emotional factors. Most of these issues are ea... Read More »

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Is it possible to transfer student loans to a different school?

How embarrassing, but I've switched colleges three times. I have all kinds of different loans out there. Stafford,Sally Mae, pell, you name it. They don't care they just want your dam money. The go... Read More »

When does dependent medical coverage restart if a student drops out of school for a year goes on COBRA and then re-enrolls as a full time student?

Answer It starts as soon as he's enrolled. May start sooner, like over summer vacation. Call your Insurance Company or agent and ask for the forms to show full time status and let them know. For... Read More »

Student Retention & Student Activities in High School?

High school-age students have more freedom and responsibility for their education than those in other grade levels. Because of this freedom and responsibility, student retention at the high school ... Read More »

Do you know a student loan that pays directly to the student not the school?

It was probably a private loan from your bank. Other options are Sallie Mae and College Loan Corporation. You'll need to ask upfront about their policies.