How to Adjust to Life After Prison?

Answer Institutionalization is the process by which inmates adjust to the environments in which they live, according to Craig Haney of the University of California-Santa Cruz in his paper "The Psychologic... Read More »

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Are the prisons in prison break real life prisons Is there a Fox River Prison in Chicago and a Sona Prison?

Fox River Prison is a fictitious name. The series was filmed at an old prison in Joliet Illinois.

How to Adjust to Life After Prizefighting?

When your boxing days are over, you must quickly adjust to a different life. At age 35 years or so, you cannot keep fighting and with 15 - 20 years of fighting behind you, it will be difficult. You... Read More »

Do inmates sentenced to life in prison die in prison?

Prisoners sentenced to life in prison either receive a parolable life sentence or a non-paralolable life sentence. With the parolable sentence, the inmate can request parole after serving a certain... Read More »

How long is a life term in prison?

As of March 31, 2010, the U.S. Sentencing Commission defines a life sentence as 470 months of imprisonment. Prior to 1993, a life sentence was defined as 360 months of imprisonment. The USSC derive... Read More »