How to Adjust to Driving a Car on the Right Side of the Road?

Answer About a quarter of the world (e.g., Japan, India, the UK[1]) lives in countries were people drive on the left side of the road. If you are from one of those countries but moving to or traveling in ... Read More »

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How to Adjust to Driving a Car on the Left Side of the Road?

Changing to driving on the opposite side of the road isn't as hard as it seems but it does require good concentration on your behalf!

I was driving at 34mph on a 30mph road and the camera on my side of the road flashed.?

You can go 10% over the limit, so 33mph would be the fastest you could go and get away with it.

You are driving on a country road. What should you expect to see coming towards you on YOUR side of the road"?

Why should we have to pull to the side of the road and stop when a funeral procession is driving by?

Based on some of your other questions, do I detect a streak of sarcasm? *smile* I think everyone just needs to lighten up just a tad.SO okay, let's be clear here. Are you talking about pulling t... Read More »