How to Adjust the Volume on a Comcast TiVo DVR?

Answer The factory default settings on the Comcast TiVo DVR cable box are for the television volume. However, if you want to increase the volume through the cable box, then you need to perform steps using... Read More »

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Does TiVo work with Comcast?

TiVo does work with Comcast, either as part of a packaged plan through Comcast, or as a separate TiVo purchase and payment plan. The packaged plan allows TiVo to run directly on Comcast's DVR set-t... Read More »

Can I watch Comcast On-Demand with a TiVo HD XL?

The TiVo HD XL does not work with any video-on-demand services, including Comcast On-Demand. However, In 2009 TiVo announced that it is working with Comcast to provide support for Comcast On-Demand... Read More »

How to Hook Up a Comcast Digital Box With a TiVo Series2?

The Series2 TiVo can record digital and analog signals. To record all-digital programming, users will have to interface their Series2 TiVos to their cable boxes. While linked to a cable box, the Ti... Read More »

How should I adjust set top box volume with that of LED TV volume?

The volume control of the set-top box should be adjusted so that you can most easily use the TV's volume control -- which is to say that when you use the TV's control, it should be very easy to se... Read More »