How to Adjust the Valves on a 2007 Honda Shadow 750?

Answer Regular valve adjustments are a critical part of maintaining your 2007 Honda Shadow 750. Over time, the engine's intake and exhaust valves are forced deeper into the engine, creating a wider gap be... Read More »

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How To Adjust the Valves on a Honda 300EX?

Adjusting the valves on a Honda 300EX ATV is relatively uncomplicated. The most time-consuming aspect of the procedure is removing parts and components to access the rocker arms and valve adjusters... Read More »

How to Adjust Valves in a Honda Accord?

Adjusting the valves on your Honda Accord can, in many cases, restore idle quality and performance that has been lost due to engine wear. The key to performing this procedure successfully is to avo... Read More »

How to Adjust Valves on Honda Civic?

A valve adjustment is a routine tune-up procedure on all cars, including a Honda Civic. If the valves are severely out of adjustment, it can make a car run poorly and even make an engine stop runni... Read More »

How to Adjust a Honda CB360T's Valves?

Checking and adjusting your Honda CB360T's valves is a critical yet often forgotten step in maintaining the motorcycle. Honda recommends that a valve inspection, accompanied by adjustment, be perfo... Read More »