How to Adjust the Valve Lash on a Big Block Ford?

Answer Any time the camshaft or other valve train components are replaced on the Ford big block engine (429 c.i.d. to 460 c.i.d.) the valves require adjustment to set valve lash and pre-load the lifters. ... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Solid Lifter Valve Lash on a Big Block Ford?

Ford big-block engines come from two different families. The 390, 427, 428 Cobra-Jet and Super Cobra-Jet engines are from the "FE" series. The 429 and 460 engines, which include the 429 Cobra-Jet, ... Read More »

How to Adjust the Valve Lash on a Small Block Chevy?

Adjusting the valve lash on a small block Chevy engine ensures that the lifters are preloaded and the valves are opened and closed properly when the camshaft lobes move the lifters. Common symptoms... Read More »

How to Adjust a Motorcycle Valve Lash?

Valve lash adjustment should be done according to the owner's manual for the particular motorcycle. Harley-Davidson's pushrod style engine does not require adjustment as frequently as do some of th... Read More »

How to Adjust a Valve Lash With a Solid Cam?

Solid lifter camshafts are synonymous with very high performance engines used in competitive situations. It is important to understand that valve lash adjustments are made to compensate for expansi... Read More »