How to Adjust the Valve Clearance on the Generac 00523-1 Generator?

Answer The Generac 005230-1 generator is a standby model that requires occasional valve adjustment to ensure proper engine air intake is achieved. Valve clearance adjustments can be made via the rocker ar... Read More »

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Does Generac make the Husqvarna generator?

Generac does not make the Husqvarna generator; however, it was the first company to engineer a portable generator for the home. The Husqvarna generator is manufactured by Briggs & Stratton Power Pr... Read More »

How to Check the Valve Clearance on an SBC?

Valve clearance is the difference between the top of the cam and the top of a valve. This must be in near perfect adjustment for your SBC motor to cycle properly. If the valve clearance is set too ... Read More »

How to Check Valve Guide Clearance?

Valve guide clearance is the clearance between the valve stem and the tube or guide into which the valve is inserted. Valve guide clearance is an important aspect of engine rebuilding -- with too m... Read More »

How much piston to valve clearance is required when using aluminum connecting rods?

Proper piston to valve (PTV) clearance is essential in high-performance engines. Normal PTV clearances on steel rods should be .080 inch on the intake and .100 inch on the exhaust valves. Since alu... Read More »