How to Adjust the Tuning on an Alto Sax?

Answer If you're a beginner at the alto saxophone, follow these easy steps to get a good tone.

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How to Adjust an Icom IC-7600 Main Tuning Knob Tension?

The ICOM IC-7600 is a high-end amateur radio transceiver that sends and receives signals over most available ham radio frequencies. Its advanced features include PC connectivity, dual DSP (digital ... Read More »

What is an alto sax?

An alto saxophone is the second smallest of the most commonly played instruments in the saxophone family; it's also the second highest-pitched of these instruments. Saxophones are woodwind instrume... Read More »

How do i keep an octave in an alto sax?

Press the thumb key on the back of the alto saxophone. This is the only thumb-operated key on an alto saxophone, according the Woodwind Fingering Guide. It opens a small valve on the neck of the sa... Read More »

How do i transpose for alto sax?

Write the music you are notating a minor third above concert pitch. Concert pitch represents the notes that are actually heard, rather than the notes as they are written. The alto saxophone is in t... Read More »