How to Adjust the Toe-In on a Honda Four Wheeler?

Answer Checking "toe" on any vehicle really means checking the front wheels for parallel alignment. The tern toe-in derives from someone walking pigeon toed with their shoes pointed inward as they walk. M... Read More »

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How to Fix Up a Honda Three-Wheeler?

Honda three-wheelers are still, by today's standards, great ATVs that can provide for a lot of fun. Fixing these machines up almost always requires the same few steps. However, after completing the... Read More »

Does the Honda 200 three wheeler have reverse?

The Honda 200 three wheeler does not have a reverse gear. Closing the throttle and pressing the gear change pedal allows the rider to shift from neutral to fifth gear and back again, Reverse, howev... Read More »

How to Remove a Honda ATV 4-Wheeler Driveshaft?

Honda ATVs are off road vehicles that can go pretty much anywhere. However, if the driveshaft goes bad and the transmission locks up, there is not much you can do. The driveshaft transfers energy f... Read More »

Information on Honda Three Wheeler ATVs?

Congress hated them, but off-road enthusiasts still love them today. Even with a production ban in the 1980s, you can still get parts, join riding clubs and find off-road enthusiasts that will neve... Read More »