How to Adjust the Timing in a VW Beetle?

Answer The classic VW Beetle used a simple gap method to adjust timing but the new VW Beetle model has a distributorless ignition that requires reprogramming of the engine control module. Adjusting the ti... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Engine Timing With a Timing Light?

Car engines are kept in sync through the use of a timing belt. If the belt is replaced, the belt must be timed. This ensures that all of the engine parts are turning at the proper time and in the p... Read More »

Timing Belt Installation Help for a 2000 VW Beetle 1.8L Turbo?

The 2000 VW Beetle 1.8L turbo engine is an interference engine. Volkswagen recommends checking the timing belt every 40,000 miles and replacing it if needed. If not, Volkswagen recommends changing ... Read More »

How to Adjust the Clutch in a VW Beetle?

Perhaps the clutch of your VW Beetle doesn't engage where you would like, or the clutch pedal does not respond quite as you would like. Fortunately, these are issues you can take care of yourself. ... Read More »

How to Adjust Torsion Bars on a VW Beetle?

Volkswagen Beetles were produced with torsion bar suspension in the first-generation models. Since then, suspension has been replaced by coil-spring and strut type suspension. While many modern mec... Read More »