How to Adjust the Seats on a Honda CR-V for a Handicapped Person?

Answer Adjusting your car to fit the needs of a handicapped person can be tricky. The Honda CR-V is a small SUV that comfortably seats up to five people. The best way to adjust the seats for a handicapped... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Seats in a Honda CR-V?

Gone are the days where you pull a metal bar located under the seat to adjust how close you sit to the steering wheel. Now cars have actuators built into the seat itself that control the distance b... Read More »

How do I change a handicapped person's diaper?

PreparationPrepare a clean area to change the diaper, such as a bed or floor. Lay down a towel or disposable changing sheet and place wipes and a new diaper within arm's reach.ExecutionLay the pers... Read More »

How to Show Respect and Care for a Handicapped Person?

Many people feel uncomfortable around disabled people, not because of the disability, but because they don't know how to behave when in the presence of a disabled person. You need to view the disab... Read More »

How to Adapt a Bathroom and Kitchen for Use by a Handicapped Person?

Most homes today are simply not disability friendly. The only way to make a home completely functional for a wheelchair bound person is to completely remodel it. In many cases our budgets simply do... Read More »