How to Adjust the Rockers on a Chevy Small Block?

Answer Chevy small block engines use hydraulic lifters to eliminate the need for valve adjustment. This type of lifter has a plunger positioned in the lifter body by adjusting the rocker arms. Generally, ... Read More »

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How to Adjust Small Block Chevy Valves?

Valves, in conjunction with the camshaft, determine how much of the air/fuel mixture produced by the fuel delivery system enters an engine's cylinders. Valves also provide a pathway by which the ga... Read More »

How to Adjust the Valve Lash on a Small Block Chevy?

Adjusting the valve lash on a small block Chevy engine ensures that the lifters are preloaded and the valves are opened and closed properly when the camshaft lobes move the lifters. Common symptoms... Read More »

How to Adjust Chevy Roller Rockers?

Chevrolet rocker arms act like a pendulum, in that each rocker arm rocks back and forth on a threaded stud. As the engine rotates, the camshaft causes the rocker arm to press down on the top of a v... Read More »

Do you need to do block work to install a 400 crankshaft into a 350 small-block Chevy?

The crankshaft will need to be machined. You can take the crankshaft to a machine shop to have the journals turned down. You will then be able to build what is commonly referred to as a "Stroker mo... Read More »