How to Adjust the Print Quality of a Laser Printer?

Answer A number of steps can be taken in order to improve the quality of documents, graphics and images printed from a laser printer. The default settings on the printer, the print settings of the applica... Read More »

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How to Improve the Print Quality on a Laser Printer?

There are a variety of ways you can significantly improve the quality of documents produced by a laser printer. Certain factors, such as original image quality, print resolution settings, color den... Read More »

Laser printer how to adjust for sags?

Make sure that you're not using an extension cord, power strip or surge protector on the power line for the printer as that can cause problems. Next, try plugging the printer into a different power... Read More »

How to Print Envelopes on My Canon Laser Printer?

With the days of typewriters largely behind us, printer users need a convenient way to print their envelopes. Those who have access to a Canon laser printer can use those units to print the envelop... Read More »

How to Print on 4x6 Cards With a Laser Printer?

Laser printers are the most popular choice for printing when quality is the top priority. Laser printer toner will not bleed and doesn't need to dry, so laser printouts are ideal for businesses. If... Read More »