How to Adjust the Idle on a Schwinn 50cc?

Answer The idle screw on your 50 cc Schwinn scooter adjusts the amount of fuel that reaches the combustion chamber of the engine while the throttle is closed. The scooter needs to use a small amount of f... Read More »

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How do I adjust the derailleur on an old Schwinn Continental?

Front and Rear Derailleur AdjustmentMake sure that the chain is on the largest sprocket. If the shifting cable is loose, turn the barrel on the cable feet to take up the slack. If there is too much... Read More »

How to Adjust a 50cc Carburetor?

Carburetor adjustment does not require an engineering degree, but some mechanical ability is necessary. Whether it is a stock or aftermarket carburetor, you will need to consider the temperature, ... Read More »

How to Adjust a 50CC Four-Stroke Carburetor?

Scooter and small engine carburetors come in many shapes and sizes. For the purposes of performing adjustments however, there are three basic types. There are those with a fuel adjustment screw, th... Read More »

How to Adjust a Carburetor on a 50cc Kazuma ATV?

The Kazuma Meerkat 50 is a small-form-factor all-terrain vehicle, designed for small children. The Meerkat 50 features a 48cc four-stroke engine, CDI ignition system, electric starter and automatic... Read More »