How to Adjust the Headlights in a Pontiac Bonneville?

Answer Many drivers assume a poorly aimed headlight on a Pontiac Bonneville needs replacement. In actuality, any shade-tree mechanic or do-it-yourself fan can correct the problem with a little time and th... Read More »

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How to Replace 2004 Pontiac Bonneville Headlights?

The 2004 Pontiac Bonneville, produced by General Motors, offers luxury with the attitude that comes with a powerful V8 engine. If you own one of these comfortable cars you probably want to take goo... Read More »

How to Adjust the Timing in a Pontiac Bonneville?

The Pontiac Bonneville has been around for generations and many models require an adjustment to the timing during a tune up or changing the timing belt. This guide covers adjusting the timing in a ... Read More »

How to Adjust the Headlights in a Pontiac?

Although most Pontiac vehicles already come out of the factory with the headlights adjusted, there may be situations that call for more adjustments to be made to the vehicle's headlights, including... Read More »

How to Adjust Projector Headlights on a Pontiac?

Your Pontiac's factory headlight housing can be replaced with a projector headlight assembly. While the factory headlights are sufficient, the aftermarket projector headlights improve headlight per... Read More »