How to Adjust the Flame for a Regal Torch Lighter?

Answer There are many different types of Regal Torch Lighters on the market. Some simply perform the task of lighting a flame, while others, such as the Regal Cigar Punch Torch Lighter, have dual purposes... Read More »

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How do I refill a torch lighter?

Shutting the ValveShut the gas valve by turning the lighter upside down and turning the flame adjustment screw completely clockwise. This screw is usually located right next to the gas refill adapt... Read More »

How to Make a Lighter Shoot a Huge Flame?

Ever need a bigger flame from your lighter? This article will teach you how to make one that can get as big, or bigger than 2 feet!

Which part of a butane lighter flame is hotter?

A butane flame burns at 3,578 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest part of the flame is the blue section, where the oxygen is most dense and complete combustion is a result.References:TheTeachersCorner.... Read More »

How to Adjust an Oxy Torch?

Oxy-acetylene torches are some of the most versatile brazing and cutting torch varieties on the market. Adjusting and setting a proper flame can make all the difference in the quality of your welds... Read More »