How to Adjust the Brakes on a Mustang?

Answer You can restore the height of the brake pedal on your Mustang's rear drum brake by adjusting the brakes from time to time. This will also have the added benefit of extending the life of your brakes... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Rear Brakes on a '99 Mustang?

You can adjust the rear brakes on your '99 Ford Mustang using some basic household and automotive tools. The rear drum brakes are designed to be self-adjusting, but they can benefit from a manual a... Read More »

How to Adjust Emergency Brakes for Rear Disc Brakes on an S14?

You can adjust the emergency brakes on your rear disc brake Nissan S14 in your home garage, saving you time and money. You should adjust the parking brake when your S14 starts to slip after you app... Read More »

How to Fix Mustang Brakes?

The brakes on a Ford Mustang wear down over time due to friction created by the pad material rubbing against the brake disc. Fortunately, fixing the brakes in this instance is a simple matter of re... Read More »

How to Upgrade the Brakes on a Mustang II?

The suspension on the second-generation Mustang came standard on a number of other small Ford vehicles, including the Pinto and Mercury Bobcat. The Mustang II suspension isn't the best one ever pro... Read More »