How to Adjust the Arms on Pendulum Clocks?

Answer Pendulum clocks have their speed regulated by a swinging pendulum below the clock movement. Such clocks include grandfather clocks, mantle clocks and some types of wall clocks. When setting the tim... Read More »

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Do you start pendulum clocks?

To start a pendulum clock, you must move the pendulum a little bit to the right or left and then release it to start it swinging. If you do not hear it ticking, move the pendulum more to the right ... Read More »

How do pendulum clocks work?

Pendulum clocks work through a series of gears that are incrementally released by the movement of the pendulum. In the 15th century, discoveries about the physics of the pendulum allowed inventors ... Read More »

How to Adjust the Pendulum on a Clock?

Old pendulum clocks usually have a screw to adjust the length of the pendulum and therefore the time of each swing. This wikiHow tells you how to do this to correct the time-keeping.

How to Adjust the Arms on Eyeglasses?

To avoid unnecessary facial pain and headaches, proper eyeglass fit is essential. The top of the eyeglass frame should line up with your eyebrows, the frame should be comfortable with no pinching o... Read More »