How to Adjust the Accelerator Cable in a GM Truck?

Answer GM trucks are popular vehicles and can be found driving the streets all across the world, most of the trucks running the popular Chevrolet V8 engine. Sometimes the accelerator pedal can become stic... Read More »

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How to Adjust an Accelerator Cable?

The tightness of the accelerator, or throttle, cable on any vehicle is important. If the cable is tightened too much, the car will not idle properly and consume fuel quickly. If the cable is too lo... Read More »

How to Adjust the Accelerator Cable on a Chevrolet Silverado?

If the accelerator pedal on your Chevrolet Silverado is beginning to feel "sticky," or throttle response is a little sluggish, the likely cause is a slackened or stretched accelerator cable. To fix... Read More »

What Happens When an Accelerator Cable Breaks?

Without an accelerator, or throttle, cable you'll go nowhere fast. Make sure you know how this part of your car works, and what will happen if it breaks so you'll be prepared if it happens to you.

How to Replace a Car's Accelerator Cable?

A frayed or broken accelerator cable can keep a car from operating properly. Without the accelerator assembly, the engine cannot open the butterflies and pump gas into the carburetor. Replacement o... Read More »