How to Adjust an Oxy Torch?

Answer Oxy-acetylene torches are some of the most versatile brazing and cutting torch varieties on the market. Adjusting and setting a proper flame can make all the difference in the quality of your welds... Read More »

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How do I adjust a cutting torch?

Adjust the NozzleAdjust the cutting nozzle to the proper diameter before you light the torch. Some torches have a removable nozzle, so use the nozzle that suits your project.Adjust the Oxygen and A... Read More »

How to Adjust the Flame for a Regal Torch Lighter?

There are many different types of Regal Torch Lighters on the market. Some simply perform the task of lighting a flame, while others, such as the Regal Cigar Punch Torch Lighter, have dual purposes... Read More »

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What is a propane torch?

A propane torch is a portable tool with a cylindrical shape that blows propane gas out of one end. Propane is flammable and it is colorless. Propane torches can be used for soldering.References:The... Read More »