How to Adjust an Atrium Window Slide?

Answer Atrium is a window company that’s been in business since 1948. They provide different window types including sliding windows. If your Atrium window isn’t sliding well, the tract could be dirty ... Read More »

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How do you glue the regulator support back to the window on a 2001 Mustang and adjust the window?

Answer The question you ask is tooinvolved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, and get arepair manual for your car.They cost about $16.00Or, go to a Public Library.

How to Change the Main Window Slide Size in Powerpoint 2003?

Users can change the size and dimension of a slide in PowerPoint 2003 by using the "Page Setup" options in the "File" menu. Once changes are made, PowerPoint will automatically apply the new dimens... Read More »

How do I adjust window shades?

Up and Down MovementPull on the bottom of the shade to extend the shade down the window length, or pull a very short distance quickly--more of a tug really--and release to make the shade rise. Avoi... Read More »

How to Adjust Window Tensions?

You don't have to suffer the frustration of a window that won't stay open -- or that seems frozen into place. Although different types of windows use different tension apparatus, most tension setti... Read More »