How to Adjust a Velcro Pistol Holster?

Answer Traditionally, holsters were made from rugged materials such as leather and fastened to belts, typically worn on the hip. Today, with the addition of lightweight materials and Velcro, a holster can... Read More »

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How to Adjust & Size a Shoulder Holster?

Shoulder holsters give the wearer the ability to carry a medium to large pistol and two spare magazines completely concealed. Shoulder holsters are designed to evenly distribute the weight of a pis... Read More »

Where can you buy pistol grips for a Kimel Model 5000 pistol?

The Kimel firearms company is out of business, so your best bet is online. Either or try Numrich Arms.

Do you need a pistol permit for a flintlock pistol in FL?

Please define "permit". Do you mean to own, or to carry concealed? Good questions give good answers.

Will a USP 45 holster fit an HK 45?

Yes, it will. The technical name for an HK 45 is a Heckler & Koch 45 USP. Heckler & Koch is the only manufacturer that uses the initialism universal self-loading pistol (USP). If a holster is desc... Read More »