How to Adjust a PSE Nitro Compound Bow?

Answer The PSE Nitro compound bow is one of many in PSE's long line of tough, versatile compound bows. This bow offers the option of a three-phase grip system, where one can use the bow without a grip, or... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Pull on a PSE Dakota Compound Bow?

Compound bows give archers the capability to adjust the draw weight of their bow within the bow's range, typically 10 pounds. A major consideration in archery is arrow speed. Arrow speed is affecte... Read More »

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Is zinc chloride an ionic compound or a molecular compound?

Zinc chloride constitutes an ionic compound because it contains both a metal, zinc ion, and a nonmetal, chloride ion. Molecular compounds, also known as “covalent compounds,” contain only nonme... Read More »

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