How to Adjust a Nissan Washer Nozzle?

Answer You're driving down the road in the summer, and suddenly a big bug hits your windshield with a splat. You press the lever to activate the washer nozzles, and they spray everywhere except for where ... Read More »

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How to Adjust a Windshield Washer Nozzle?

A windshield washer nozzle directs the spray of water and cleaning solution onto the windshield. The spray makes it easier for the wiper blades to scrape off debris and muck from a dirty windshield... Read More »

How to Remove a Windshield Washer Nozzle?

Sometimes, a simple cleaning of a car's windshield wiper nozzles will not repair a spraying problem. You will need to remove the windshield washer nozzles and replace them with new ones. It is a go... Read More »

How to Replace a Windshield Washer Nozzle?

Do a thorough inspection of the windshield washer system before you replace the windshield washer nozzles on your car. Make sure there's fluid in the reservoir (with antifreeze for winter months), ... Read More »

How to Replace a Cavalier Washer Nozzle?

Chevrolet Cavalier washer nozzles are located on the underside of the wiper arms. Each wiper arm has its own nozzle and fluid supply tube. Both nozzles are made from high-impact plastic and are d... Read More »