How to Adjust a Hitachi C12LSH Miter Saw?

Answer The Hitachi C12LSH is a laser-guided miter saw that is used for making precise angled cuts for joining and edge work. The saw allows the user to adjust both the tilt angle and the miter angle. Adju... Read More »

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What are the refrigerator brands in India that use Hitachi compressor other than Hitachi refrigerator itself as of today?

Earlier Alwyn refrigerators used to sport Hitachi compressors.

How to Use a Miter Box?

A miter box is a great tool to help you cut precise 45 or 90 degree angles in small pieces of wood or plastic. Miter boxes are lightweight, compact, inexpensive, and last a long time if taken care ... Read More »

How to Use a Power Miter Saw?

Here, a compound miter saw rests on an improvised table.Cutting mitered joints by hand can be difficult and time consuming. Whether you are running baseboards or trim around a large home, or you ar... Read More »

How do i miter cut wood?

Measure the angle to be cut in a length of wood. You can do this with an adjustable angle or by making measurements with a ruler or tape measure. Mark the angle on the surface of the wood with a pe... Read More »