How to Adjust a Headlight on a Silverwing?

Answer The Honda Silverwing has two adjustment screws to change the horizontal aim of each of its two headlights. There are no unique tools to purchase or parts to remove to access these adjustment screws... Read More »

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How Do I Adjust a Headlight on an F-150?

Ford uses the F150 nameplate to identify its half-ton pickup trucks. The F150 is available in several different cab and bed configurations with two- or four-wheel drive. Interiors can be ordered wi... Read More »

How to Adjust the Headlight on a BMW E60?

The BMW E60 uses xenon headlights. The xenon headlights provide superior visibility over traditional halogen lights, but do require that you have the headlights properly adjusted to avoid blinding ... Read More »

How to Adjust an E39 Headlight?

The BMW 5-series E39 has a composite low-beam and high-beam assembly on each side of the front of the vehicle. The assemblies have two adjustment knobs: one for the low beam and one for the high be... Read More »

How to Adjust Headlight Alignment?

Headlight alignment is crucial for proper vision during night driving. Not only will it help you see what is on the road in front of you, it also assures that errant headlight beams do not shine to... Read More »