How to Adjust a Fire Box Grill?

Answer The fire box on a grill holds wood or charcoal for creating heat and smoke to cook large cuts of meat. The fire box is typically a smaller compartment mounted to the side of the main grill. A horiz... Read More »

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Can a grill be used once a fire extinguisher has been sprayed on it?

A barbecue grill should be safe for food preparation after using a fire extinguisher on it, but it should be washed first. Most fire extinguishers today contain non-toxic, non-poisonous ingredients... Read More »

How do I adjust a gas grill regulator?

Regulator VentShut off the gas valve on the grill before you begin working to avoid any disastrous accidents. Turn the hex bolt on the regulator using a wrench until the vent on the regulator is po... Read More »

How do I adjust the temperature of a charcoal grill?

Use the VentsTo control the temperature with a charcoal grill, begin by adjusting the top vent of the grill. Open the vent further to allow more airflow into the grill to increase the temperature. ... Read More »

How do I adjust the temp on a charcoal grill?

Estimating TemperatureSelect a grill with a built-in thermometer to determine the hot coals' temperature before you start cooking. Or use the "hand-over-the-heat" test. If you can keep your palm 4 ... Read More »