How to Adjust a CST Sleeve?

Answer A CST sleeve is a hard rubber coupling that fits over the upper ball joints, which are an integral part of your car or truck's suspension system. Over time these sleeves can become loose. If this h... Read More »

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What US naval rank is indicated by three equal stripes on the right sleeve with one star just above the stripes on the same sleeve?

How to Sew in or Insert a Cap Sleeve?

Cap sleeve and shoulder seam of garment shown.One of the most common sleeve insertions in sewing is the cap sleeve. The cap sleeve has almost a bell shaped curve in shape and is gathered to fit ins... Read More »

How to Hem a Shirt Sleeve?

Hemming a shirt sleeve is easy, economical and takes little time. This article has tips on hemming shirt sleeves and for sewing in general. As with all things, the following tips are for a basic sh... Read More »

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas?

Sleeve tattoos typically cover the arm or leg in one large tattoo or a collection of several smaller tattoos. They can be quarter, half or full-sized depending on how much skin is actually covered,... Read More »