How to Adjust a Belt Tensioner on a Toro Walk-Behind?

Answer Toro walk-behind mowers use a rubber drive belt to propel the wheels. The mower has a tensioner adjustment mechanism to ensure the belt remains tight on the drive wheel and pulley assembly. A loose... Read More »

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How to Adjust a Toro Powershift Belt?

A Toro Powershift's drive belt helps control the operation of the lawnmower's cutting blades. These belts can loosen over time and must be readjusted to ensure proper operation. Professional adjust... Read More »

How to Adjust a Toro's Auger Belt?

Toro snowblowers have a helical blade, known as an auger, that scoops up the snow and throws it to either side of the machine. In Toro snowblowers, the auger is driven by a motorized belt and pulle... Read More »

How to Adjust a Belt Tensioner?

There are a few different ways to adjust the drive belt or V-belt tension in a vehicle. The most popular used nowadays is a serpentine belt that connects to and activates every pulley in the engine... Read More »

How to Adjust an Alternator Belt Tensioner?

Your car's alternator belt will stretch over time; eventually, it will start to slip. This condition can mean your alternator is not producing the right amount of electricity to power your car's el... Read More »