How to Adjust a Back Brake?

Answer If you've been told by a mechanic that your back brakes need to be adjusted, that usually means two things: your car is equipped with rear drum brakes, and you can do the adjusting yourself, usuall... Read More »

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How Do I Adjust the Back Brake on a Polaris 500 Xplorer?

Polaris all-terrain vehicles are used for rugged, off-road work enjoyment, or work involving remote places that most vehicles won't reach. Whether towing material or traversing off-road trails on y... Read More »

If your back is kind of hunch back what can you do too adjust your posture?

Great answers so far! I can only add that you might want to look into doing exercises that will help you build strong core muscles. Pilates (as suggested in Marie's answer) is an excellent way to ... Read More »

How to Adjust an E-Brake of a 2003 F-350?

The emergency brake, or parking brake, system on the 2003 Ford F-350 consists of a foot-operated lever in the crew compartment that pulls on a cable, which is routed to the rear of the vehicle. The... Read More »

How to Adjust a Brake Pedal?

The brake pedal in your vehicle may feel spongy at times or have some free play. When this happens, the brake pedal needs to be adjusted to remove the excess travel. You can adjust the brake pedal ... Read More »