How to Adjust Your PC Monitor Settings?

Answer Computer monitors are devices that are used to display images generated by personal computers (PC). You can adjust the settings on a monitor that is connected to your computer to achieve the best-q... Read More »

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Best PC Monitor Settings for PS3 Gaming?

Normaly when you start a game in PS3 for the first time a dialog box show up to adjust the brightness to your liking or to their likes. adjust the contrast and brightness and calm down the sharpne... Read More »

Monitor, wallpaper settings?

Here's a great trick for getting wallpaper to match up to your monitor settings exactly...First, check your display settings to see what resolution you're using. For the sake of the example, I'll a... Read More »

Dual Monitor Graphic Settings Help?

I cannot guess your laptop brand or model, nor the Intel video chipset number, nor the OS you have, nor the brand and model of the TV you are trying to use, nor the type of connection cable your ha... Read More »

How do i adjust the settings on Facebook?

Allie needs to block Sara or Sara needs to block Allie . If your friend clicks on Sara's profile, she will see you as a "Mutual Friend", even if the person has friend's list hidden. You can cust... Read More »