How to Adjust Truck Brakes?

Answer Since disc brakes in a truck cannot be adjusted, it's important that rear drum brakes be adjusted regularly. The rear drum brakes on a truck provide only 25 percent braking capacity if properly adj... Read More »

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How to Adjust Air Brakes in a Truck?

The air brakes on a truck are designed to compress the brake pads to the brake drums whenever air is applied. Once the air brake button on the dash is pulled out, air travels to the air canister in... Read More »

How to Adjust Emergency Brakes for Rear Disc Brakes on an S14?

You can adjust the emergency brakes on your rear disc brake Nissan S14 in your home garage, saving you time and money. You should adjust the parking brake when your S14 starts to slip after you app... Read More »

How to Put Brakes on a GMC Truck?

GMC is a division of General Motors corporation that makes a range of business and consumer trucks. All of the modern trucks use disc brakes on the front wheels, and often the rear wheels, to stop ... Read More »

How to Adjust Brakes on a Car?

You can only adjust drum brakes on a car. Disc brakes have no adjustment. With that in mind, rear drum brakes only take on 20 percent of the braking responsibility of vehicles and if they become un... Read More »