How to Adjust Incoming Voice Mail Message Length on Verizon Envy 3?

Answer The LG enV3 offers the same standard features of most cell phones, including the ability to check incoming voice mails. An optional application for purchase that uses the phone's interior screen is... Read More »

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Is there anyway to sent voice mail/message using mac?

what mobile phone does he use?some phones have applications to read voice mails.

How to Leave a Voice Mail Message?

"This person is not home right now, please leave a message after the beep" and you don't know what to say? Here I will tell you exactly how to leave one so tongue tying moments will never cross you... Read More »

What number do I dial to get my Verizon voice mail?

To access Verizon's voice mail system from your own mobile phone, press 1. The automated system will request a password followed by the pound sign. To access that voice mail from any other phone, l... Read More »

How to Leave a Vacation Message on Work Voice Mail?

When you head off on vacation, it will still be business as usual at the office. Many potential customers could call while you are gone, so it is important that you leave an explanation on your voi... Read More »