How to Adjust Ford Door Hinges?

Answer If the door on your Ford vehicle is having problems opening and closing, it could be because the hinges aren't positioned properly. While this might mean the hinges need to be replaced completely, ... Read More »

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How do I adjust the hinges on a door?

Remove the DoorUse a hammer and a chisel or flathead screwdriver, and remove the pins from the door hinges. Tap the hinge pins out, starting at the bottom of the door, and work your way to the top.... Read More »

How to Adjust Door Hinges to Stop From Closing?

Door hinges need adjustments upon installation to make doors open and close properly. Settling homes create hinges that are out of adjustment and can cause doors to creak when they close or cause a... Read More »

How to Repair Ford Door Hinges?

If the door hinges break on your Ford vehicle, it will cause the door to sag. This is more of a problem than you might think, as the door's weight can damage components within the door and possibly... Read More »

How to Adjust the Door Latch on a 1993 Ford F250?

The door latch on the 1993 Ford F250 is held in place by a few screws. Adjusting the door latch simply requires adjusting the screws. If the screws are too loose, the door latch will wiggle around ... Read More »