How to Adjust Eaton Fuller Clutches?

Answer A clutch is a pedal or lever found in motor vehicles that is responsible for engaging and disengaging the different gears of the car. Without clutches, changing speeds, going in reverse or even par... Read More »

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Why Do Clutches Burn Out?

Clutch assemblies are composed of a flywheel connected to the engine, a series of friction discs connected to the transmission input shaft and a set of springs that push the two together. Any numbe... Read More »

How Do Wet Clutches Work?

Automatic transmissions do not simply connect the engine to the drivetrain through a series of gears. The actual power output of the engine is first transmitted through a torque converter before be... Read More »

Who owns Eaton Motors?

Eaton Corporation is "a diversified power management company" that manufactures hydraulic motors among many other products. The company was founded in 1911 and has never been bought out by a larger... Read More »

How to Rebuild an Eaton M90 Supercharger?

The Eaton M90 supercharger is a positive displacement supercharger that is used as an OEM component as well as an aftermarket modification on many cars. This is a very reliable supercharger that re... Read More »