How to Adjust Carburetors on Boats?

Answer Popping noises belong in a cereal bowl. They shouldn't come from your outboard when you reduce speed. If they do, it is time to adjust the carburetor; specifically, the low-speed setting and the fu... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Air Mix on Carburetors?

The air gas mixture on a carburetor allows the engine to run rich or lean depending on where you are driving and what type of driving you are doing. You can adjust is a small screw on the carbureto... Read More »

How to Adjust Carburetors?

The carburetor is actually the heart of your fuel system. When it is operating properly, it will send fuel through the system at just the right time so that your engine is running at peak optimum p... Read More »

How to Adjust CRX Carburetors?

The Honda CRX was an affordable sports performance vehicle manufactured in the 1980s. Early CRX vehicles came equipped with a carburetor, which mechanically controls the air-to-fuel mixture in the ... Read More »

How to Adjust Carburetors for a '93 Katana?

The 1993 Suzuki GSX Katana sport motorcycle features various engine sizes. On the carburetor will be a number of gold screws that are called "jets," and on the lower right side of the carburetor wi... Read More »