How to Adjust Camber Bolts?

Answer To put it simply, camber is the vertical position of the wheel and knuckle on a vehicle. The straighter it is, the better the tire wear. Because suspension and steering components weaken after time... Read More »

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How to Install Camber Bolts?

A camber bolt can be a useful addition to your front- and rear-wheel assemblies. Camber bolts help adjust the camber alignment on your vehicle's tires. As your car ages, the camber bolt can become ... Read More »

How to Adjust the Camber on a Nissan D21?

After toe, camber is the second most important suspension geometry angle affecting tire wear and fuel economy. If the camber is set incorrectly, the tire will lean too far in or out, and wear uneve... Read More »

How to Adjust the Camber on a Honda Civic?

Doing basic car maintenance at home can save you a bundle, whether you just need an oil change or you're fine tuning your car's alignment. Tuning the camber on a Honda Civic, however, can be fairly... Read More »

How to Adjust the Rear Camber for a 240SX?

The rear camber of a Nissan 240SX is the vertical alignment of the rear tires in relation to the body. Camber is important to the safety of the vehicle because misaligned tires lead to dangers such... Read More »