How to Adjust Axes in MATLAB?

Answer MATLAB is technical computing software used by scientists and engineers for processing and analyzing data stored in arrays and matrices. Plotting the data assists in visualizing the data after the ... Read More »

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How to Have Two Secondary Axes on Excel 2007?

Creating a chart in Microsoft Excel is a great way to show data in a way that is easy to understand and visually interesting. Users also can create multiple axes on a 2D chart to help make presenta... Read More »

How to Graph 3D in MATLAB?

MATLAB is an incredibly useful mathematical and engineering computer software program capable of carrying out advanced mathematical calculations and performing engineering simulations. One of its m... Read More »

Help with MATLAB coding?

Think simple, Matlab is not C.a = input('Enter a: ');b = input('Enter b: ');c = input('Enter c: ');x = (b + sqrt(b - 4*a)) / c^7

How to Get MATLAB for Ubuntu?

MATLAB is a programming language that allows you to perform extensive computations and calculations much faster and easier than with other programming languages such as C or C++. MATLAB is a propri... Read More »