How to Adjust Arkansas Child Support Payments for Non-Custodial Parents?

Answer During the various stages of a child's life, the financial needs of the child change due to circumstances. The non-custodial parent carries the responsibility of providing financial and medical sup... Read More »

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Is child support due with no custodial parents. I have a 17 year old who lives with his 19 year old brother and the non-custodial mother is trying to get support payments?

Usually the support does not stop until the child is 18 and in some states even later. It depends on what your agreement says. But you can't just stop like that. You have to notify the court and ma... Read More »

What happens to child support payments if the custodial parent moves out of state with the child and doesn't notify the non-custodial parent?

They continue, but non-custodial parent should file injunction for the return of the child.

Can a custodial parent seek child support payments from the non custodial parent's new spouse if non custodial parent is unemployed?

Answer No. She has no legal responsability to the children. Only if she were to legally adapt them would she be responsibable. Answer No. Only the biological parents have any responsibility fo... Read More »

Can a custodial parent stop the non custodial parents visitation if they are behind on child support?

No. Visitation and child support are 2 separate issues and changing any of the court orders you have to go back to the court that issued them. There might be good reasons why a parent can not pay a... Read More »