How to Adjust Anti-Siphon Fill Valves?

Answer Anti-siphon fill valves prevent the back flow of water through pipes, such as the one on toilets or large storage tanks. The valve has an automatic shutoff mechanism to determine when to close off ... Read More »

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How do I adjust the fill valves on Toto toilets?

Adjusting a Fill ValveRemove the lid from the toilet tank, and locate the water level mark on the tank's inside wall, signifying the proper water level to maintain. Locate the adjustment screw foun... Read More »

How does an anti siphon valve work?

The siphon effect can occur anytime a hose or line is filled with fluid, and gravity creates a vacuum; drawing the fluid to a lower point. An anti-siphon valve prevents the siphon effect by closing... Read More »

How to Make a Watertight Connection With an Anti-Siphon Valve?

An anti-siphon valve prevents a hose or pipe from siphoning water back where it shouldn't be. The valves are commonly used for outdoor connections, such as for lawn sprinklers or garden hoses. If, ... Read More »

What Are Anti-Scald Valves on a Solar Water Heater?

Solar water heaters use solar energy to heat water. To ensure that the heated water enters the home at a safe temperature, anti-scald valves can be installed. Does this Spark an idea?