How to Address the State Attorney General in a Letter?

Answer Correctly addressing U.S. officials when writing letters or other forms of correspondence is important; you don't want to address someone of a high ranking position incorrectly. Not only is it cons... Read More »

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How to Write a Letter to the Attorney General?

Writing a letter to the Attorney General is a warranted action by a consumer if you have been the victim of unfair, deceptive business practices or fraud. Some examples of circumstances that would ... Read More »

How to Address a District Attorney in a Letter?

Addressing those in authority can, at times, be somewhat intimidating. We are often not sure exactly what words to use, such as Sir, Madame, Your Honor or Officer. We are unsure of what the tone of... Read More »

General Power of Attorney in Washington State?

A power of attorney is a document through which a person grants someone else the ability to make decisions on his behalf. These documents can convey as broad or as limited decision-making ability a... Read More »

General Power of Attorney State Law for Kentucky?

The granting of a general power of attorney is a very broad delegation of decision-making abilities recognized under the law. In Kentucky, powers of attorney must comply with specific state statute... Read More »